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Free data entry
Your primary contact information is displayed free of charge on up to five relevant pages. A short piece of descriptive text is also supported. If you supply an email address, we will provide a contact form hiding that address, with the intention of preventing you from receiving unwanted email (often called SPAM). A link to a website is also provided free of charge, but we do prefer reciprocal links. Forms are provided to allow you to add your entry, request an update for the entry and to request us to move you to a more appropriate page.

Top 3 placement
Your free entries appear on the pages in alphabetical order. The top three positions on each page are reserved for advertisers.
In page listings:
Number 1 result gets 5x the traffic of number 2 result
Number 2 result gets 3x the traffic of number 3 result
Number 3 result gets 6.7% of the traffic of number 1 result
Source Ed Burt, Founder.. www.searchengine.com
Fee: £250 per annum plus VAT.

Addition of a special index page and group
Only available to existing 'Top 3' holders who will pay an additional £100 per annum per heading, and will be guaranteed top of that page during the term of their contract

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