How to add an entry

To add your entry

  • Navigate to the page you that applies to you.
  • Click on 'Add your entry to this page' in the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Fill in the form.
  • The form is then submitted for moderation and will be incorporated in the site when this is done (usually within 24 hours).

There are various types of entry that can be placed - see 'Text Listings'.

For the Accommodation, Eat & Drink, For Students, Gazetteer and Shopping sections, your entry can appear on several pages. One master copy is stored and linked to from pages that you choose. Linking your entry to other pages can be done once the basic information has been entered.

For the Classified Section, your ad will be deleted automatically after 30 days. Contact us, supplying the title of your ad, if you wish it to be deleted.

We reserve the right to re-position, amend or delete entries to all sections of the site.

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